Monday, September 17, 2007

Banner Orizuru(crane)

Designed by - Steven
Folded by - Steven
Note - 1 square paper, no cutting

The folding process:
1)Start with a square paper with different colour on both sides
2)Fold the diagonals 1/4 th to the centre as below

3)Fold bird base on both ends

4)Bird base done on both sides

5)Narrowing the flaps for the neck and tail of the crane

6)the finished Base of this model

7)Final step-Shaping the head of the cranes

this is an older version of this model (with no colour change)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Preparations (correction)

hi,its been long since the last post. I am preparing for my 1st exhibition of Origami , which will be on 29 th September, at the 'Times Bookshop' at Pavillion KL (opposite JW mariott hotel at bukit bintang) . It will start at 4 pm.

These are my papers

Bahamut in progress--(i know,it look like squid at this stage)

some works

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