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Devil riding a crane (version 2)

After 2 months of trial and error:

Folding in process...

Designed by : StevenFolded by :StevenComment : 1 square paper, no cuts.
Inspired by Mr Tanaka Masashi.
I would like to give my special thanks to Mr Nicholas Terry for his advice on designing.
Designing time : 2 months
Folding time : 5 hours
---->Photos of 'The making'of this model<--- a="">

Devil riding a crane (version 1) ->
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well done steyen!

Wow, awesome model, hybrid of tradition crane and Jun Maekawa's evil. Good design ^^

Nice, i c u improve more n more. Haha.

Do it wif a light colored paper 2 add more life 2 it.

Great work Steven!!!you did it!!!
Wow, nice design!!!!fantastic^^ keep up the great work!

I love this model!

the whole model from 1 piece of paper?! i'm amazed. =)

Yah,it is from 1 square paper
thanks for comment!

cool !!!

Very good.

That's outstanding!

I saw something similar at OUSA Convention last weekend, I think called "crane riders", which resembled nazgul black riders. I'll have to go through my photos. Uploading is tough, as my yahoo albums of past Convention photos got a forced migration to Shutterfly.

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