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Sai Flower

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
a flower i created while waiting for food to arrive at Sai Parivar Restaurant(it took 1 hour).Therefore i named it "Sai Flower"

Hey Steyen--
Good luck to you too. This flower looks very nice-- it's an extension of your lotus flower tesselation, isn't it? very cool! I'll have to try my hand at that one...


Sai Parivar ?

Am so surprised and delighted to see this Sai Flower....am a devotee of Sai

Uma Karedla

Hi Uma karedla
do you mean Mr Sai baba?
i am studing at India now,most of the shop names uses 'Sai'

Hi! Steyen!

Just happened to land here again from a link on outpost-earth.com.
It is a realsurprise that you study in India.
Yes, am a devotee of Sai and Mr.Sai Baba in your words.

Nice work of Omega star
Uma Karedla

hi uma karedla
what is outpost-earth.com?how does it link to my page ? =)
are you from Russia?

Hey steyen, you might want to look at this. It's folded by Kenny Baclawski.

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